Thoughts from the Speckest of specks.


Space is my favorite subject. It’s a vague word; space. If you just say “I like space,” it can be confusing; it could mean so many things. It could mean that you enjoy the great outdoors; traversing mountains and valley’s singing at the top of your lungs to hear the echoes of your voice vibrate throughout Mother Nature herself. It could mean that you don’t like people; that you much more enjoy the sounds of an empty room and your thoughts with the occasional singing of crickets than the fun explosive chatter of a crowd of humans enjoying each other’s company. Space can mean so many things. For me, however, when I say I like space I mean something a tad more grand; just a tad more.


Okay, I think THAT too.

I think of SPACE!! I ponder the grand expanding universe, the dark unending void, that big ol’ thing in the sky; whatever you want to call it. That place you see when you look up at the night sky and ponder, “What is that?” The place, that if you think about it too much, may hurl you into an unstoppable mind vortex of endless questions about who, what, where, and why? I love the great mystery, the humbling truths, and the feeling of tininess; feeling so small and useless; feeling like the tiniest of cogs amongst the most gargantuan of wheels, that feeling I enjoy. As Carl Sagan once said about the Planet Earth; we are a speck. I don’t mind being a speck at all. In fact being a speck among billions of other specks, on the surface of a slightly bigger speck, that’s orbiting the centered big yellow speck is something I find quite enjoyable. Life doesn’t become pointless it becomes fascinating. We are specks that know we are specks; that are aware of our “Speckness” if you will. Life can be a crazy spectacle. It can be so stressful and trying; it can bring you to the brink of wanting to give up and succumb to the bombardment of failure, missed opportunities, pain, and heartache that you can feel during your short journey in this reality, but for me; when I think about space; when I think about being that tiny little speck; one of billions, I can take all of those things and feel big again; like one of those giant fiery phoenix bird things, and it’s nice to feel like a giant fiery phoenix bird thing on occasion; I appreciate that; thank you space.



What does fashionista mean? Something about fashion right? I like fashion. I’m a fan. Not like a fanatic fan, but like a fan, fan. If I was a fanatic for fashion that would be kind of crazy. I do like it however very much. I think it’s pretty cool, not as cool as a thumbs up or turtle power, but close enough.


Yet no where near a turtle thumbs up. That’s sun/earth distance!

Who started the clothes thing? They deserve a hug I think. A pat on the back undisputedly! Where would we be without clothes? Naked. Naked and in the cold. You’d also see everyone’s wrinkly pimply everything. No one wants to see that. I don’t want to see that! I don’t need to know your body at all! In fact if everyone walked around naked I’d have less friends, I’d probably ask what the point of living was, then I’d probably jump off something high. Higher than an igloo, unless it’s a really big igloo. Maybe like an Emperor’s igloo. Are their castle igloos? I’d jump to my death on one of those!


I’m definitely jumping to my death off that! Penquin dive perhaps? Good way to go!

I’m saying I appreciate clothes! We Humans don’t get fur so we don’t get to look as cool as a bear. We have to create our coolness, or in my case wait for someone to create coolness, give them some numbers that come from a plastic card I have somehow, and put that coolness on myself.  Coolness being clothes, of course. It makes you about five times awesomer I’m going to say. At least five times. You have pockets for one thing. You don’t get those naturally. If you did that would kind of look disgusting. You can put things in those pockets. Now you can walk around with things and you don’t need to use your hands, or a backpack, or anything, that’s phenomenal! You agree. The world is better with pockets.


You can’t be James Bond without pockets…Facts!

I get how some people feel. They think there is a kind of vanity when it comes to dressing a certain way. An unhealthy obsession with your looks that makes you forget about the important stuff, the big work, and makes you become perhaps a little too enamored with mirrors. I get that. I have my moments. I’ve happened passed a mirror or two in my lifetime and have immediately gone into superman stance.


I’m a sexy sexy b!tch! Respect the bulge #Swag

But I think it’s an awesome opportunity, maybe you can become a little too fixated sometimes. Tis normal! The way you dress is a form of expression. It’s one of those many gifts of being a human being. Dogs don’t care about bowties, I do! Why? Cause. I don’t need a reason that’s why it’s great!


If I were a dog…I want to be a bowtie dog now.

So what’s my message? I guess mainly stop laughing at me when I put my disco suit on and prowl the streets like a hungry young John Travolta. Don’t diss the moves and don’t disrespect the suit! Something like that. Why John Travolta? I don’t know. Just go with it.


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Princess Endeavors


I never wanted to be a Princess, but I see the appeal. First of all, free stuff! That’s a positive. You live in a castle…a Castle! With a moat and everything. I like moats I think. I’m not sure what a moat is actually. It’s that thing right? That thing with the thing over water? I think water is involved. I could use the internet to solve this dilemma, but why do that? I don’t know a lot about being a Princess I guess….That’s why I look to Disney! Obviously. Disney knows everything. They have to be Geniuses. Have you seen what they did with that Mouse?


And his disturbingly pantless duck companion?

Disney knows what they’re doing. They have a land and a World. Do you have a land and a world? I don’t have a land nor do I have a world! Though I guess technically the world is my world, but I can’t claim that. I’m pretty sure I’ll be stabbed….Anywho, Disney is a teacher, a leader of leaders! They have taught us so much. They taught me that if a boy in green tights flies into my window and offers me “Magical Fairy Dust” that’ll make me fly that I should indeed take that magical dust, jump out my window, and go to a Mystical wonderful place with him…That’s important!

Princesses are kind of cool. They’re kind and gentle. They sing to birds, and in some cases a crab that has a Jamaican accent, or is Jamaican, I don’t know how that works. My little sister loved the little mermaid……Okay me and my sister loved the little mermaid! That terrifying movie where the Princesses wonderful Prince stabs a giant octopus woman in the stomach with a boat. We thought that was the Cat’s Meow.


We were ten and nine when we cheered at the sight of this. We only regretted the lack of blood #swag

I guess some of those movies do tend to get a little dark. Snow whites stepmother fell down a chasm of darkness and was eaten by vultures. I mean if you’re going to go it might as well be by slamming into earth and immediately having a vulture eat your face! I guess kids should know the consequences of attempted murder. I’m not saying I would’ve murdered someone if I hadn’t seen that film, I’m just saying the threat of a giant monster bird engulfing my person for my delicious nutrients is a good deterrent, at least decent, I’d at least think about it for a bit before I put any plans into motion.


They eat souls too. Based on nothing.

A lot of people don’t like the image that the Princess of today portrays. Which people? I don’t know. How many people do you think I know? Some of them. Some of the people don’t like it. Just believe me! It might come from the whole idea of a man coming to save the Damsel in distress. That’s not my thing really. I don’t want to be Prince charming. I want to be a Ninja, and I may have to go into a castle to save a young Princess, but the minute I relinquish the shackles I’m throwing her a sword like one of those American Football gentlemen, and we’re going to war together, because my Princess is a Ninja Princess and doesn’t even really understand what damsel or distress is. You can call me a modern man, or you can call me obsessed with Ninja’s. I’m fine with either.


Cooler than Cinderella!

What is my point, what do I want convey, what is the meaning of all of this? I don’t know. I guess the point is the idea of  a Prince or Princess is fascinating. Look at what we have turned this into. It’s seen as this beautiful, magical, precious thing. The idea of a heroic man saving the woman he loves, this is an old story retold in so many different ways… my favorite? Spider man and Mary Jane. Those two are adorable! Princes now have superpowers, and the “Princess” is usually a lady who thinks he’s cool. Someone got the short end of the stick on that one.


I’ve got you Mary Jane! Just hold on to me helplessly.

Princes and Princesses in reality should never be the ideal. Not really. Can you imagine a real Prince and a real Princess? They had a tendency to chop of peoples heads, then they would conspire, chop off more heads, make sweet love, give birth to more people to be future Princes, and Princesses, and then they would chop of some heads too. There was a lot of head chopping, not a lot of singing, and I’m pretty sure everyone smelled terrible. That’s a fine way to end this.

The Coldy mistress

winter-smoke-blowing-ladyThis cold thing is really starting to  get on my nerves. Why on Earth do we try to make winter seem so beautiful? It’s not beautiful, at all! It’s a mess! It’s a painful, freezing, terrible mess and I hate it’s face! They like to show kids happily playing in the snow, as if snow is this magical white element that falls from the sky enamoring you with the gift to make snow humans that you can frolic and play with in the frozen tundra or something. Why is that? Are we crazy? Because it’s not cute, it’s far from adorable, and guess what? If you hug the snow it will immediately try to kill you.


                       Let him go snow! Quit consuming children!!!

Colorado loves snow, Colorado has always loved snow, Colorado is snow, in fact Colorado is Coloradoan for snow….fact….I wouldn’t lie. Just believe me! That’s where I’m from by the way. I’ve known snow all my life. Snow and I shall never be friends, snow has never tried to cheer me up or made me feel better about myself. All it ever seems to do is consistently try to remind me that I’m mortal and that my soul belongs to it. Snow is Shang Tsung. Since snow is Shang Tsung you should not be snows friend. That’s just common knowledge. You’re suppose to stop Shang Tsung, you’re suppose to be beating Shang Tsung up with your martial arts…..stop playing with Shang Tsung!!!tumblr_m7htwuuYrH1qaex5co1_500

                                    Pictured above: Not your friend

Winter is the time of year where everyone is suppose to be grateful, which coincidentally coincides with the Earth trying to murder you with ice. I don’t like ice on the roads, my car also doesn’t like ice on the roads, therefore why is there ice on the roads? Could it be because Earth is an ass?….Yes, yes it is. At least the moon just sits there minding it’s own business. Granted it controls the tide and may make people go crazy, and yes could potentially make you a werewolf, I get that! But does it make the roads slidey and murdery when you’re inside and accelerating beyond human speed limits in a giant, metal, potentially flammable machine? Does the moon do that? The moon doesn’t it do that! All the moon does is keep our planet in check so it doesn’t murder us in worse, gratuitous, graphic ways!!! …moon wins.


                              Love ya moon….We should kiss!!!

I guess I’m basically saying I miss the Sun and all its radiating glory. I want the sun to slap Colorado in the face with a sun beam and turn all this ice into delicious water. I can drive in delicious water, I love delicious water! Water is my friend, unless it floods, which I guess is another thing…..stupid Earth. Why can’t you just make water nice? Why is water either freezing everything, drowning everything, collapsing on everything, or just making my beautiful hair wet? Stop doing that planet Earth! The power is literally yours. Captain Planet had no part in any of this. It was you all along. I implore you to end this. Sprinkle our faces with water mist, let the fantastic wetness fall upon us like a hug from a best friend. In conclusion, stop being an ass, and instead opt for being the cat’s meow! …also thaw the roads. Please and thank you 🙂

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Writing Exercise…


Writing is like an exercise right? You have to practice, and practice, and practice or you’ll lose it. It’ll fall off like a limb or something! Kind of frightening thought. I don’t want to lose my writing limb. I like my writing limb. It’s precious. Writing started for me when I was in the third grade and we had to write a story with two other students. We came up with this strange story about three naked men in a bath tub floating in the air. I don’t know why they were floating in the air. I don’t know why they were taking a bath. I just know they were up there and we thought it was brilliant. We laughed and laughed, and I’m just now remembering this. Maybe that’s why I have such a weird thing with bath tubs.


Why would you trust it? Look at it! Don’t be naked in that thing.

What is it about writing? It’s so weird. It’s a fascinating thing to me. I use a bunch of words that some ancient dead people created long before books….certainly before the Ipad (There was a time before the Ipad right?) and mash them up together to make up this nonsense. This beautiful, glorious nonsense, but nonsense nonetheless…..nonetheless is a great word too, just saying. With the ancient dead people symbols I learn to create imagery. I can literally go into a person’s head and create images, and scenarios. Not just images and scenarios, but images and scenario’s that you interpret with your own my mind so then it’s like this weird combination of what I convey and what you create with your own mind. That’s beautiful! That makes me want to hug a Wolverine.


Kay, nevermind

Blogging for me is like an exercise. No sissy exercise either, real almost died from attempting to run a marathon full sprint on a treadmill, exercise. The bestercise!…as I call it and also get ridiculed for calling it. Your mind is full of this noise. It speaks to you constantly. The bastard won’t leave you alone! You want to kick him/her, but they’re you so just have to deal with it and deal with this annoying thing in your head. You know, the thing that’s you. Just put it out there, share the brain nuggets, just keep the ball moving, keep the gears rolling, keep the skunks spraying, spray the funk all over the page and into your face, but like in a pleasant way!


Ahhhhhh Yea!

I don’t know it’s fun for me. Except when you have nothing to write, then it’s terrible. It’s actually the worst. You feel like your mind is working against you. Why can’t I connect? I usually can connect! My characters aren’t saying anything. They’re not speaking  to me ! Why aren’t they speaking to me? Have they abandoned me? Did they go on vacation? Should I jump out a window? I’m gonna jump out that window.These are the questions Writers block makes you ask. You think about all the high fives you won’t get, the evil stares you can’t avoid, and the Muay thai knee crouch blasts that are unavoidable. That’s what I feel will happen if I get writers block. I don’t want that to happen. I mean, it hasn’t happened yet, but dammit it could happen. I’m not taking that risk! I love my crouch….


Maybe not as much as dogs….touché dogs.

So, yea. Writing exercise. If you enjoy it you have to keep it going. Just spew it out there. Let your mind fly and belch, and hurl onto the page. What do you have to lose? You feel the inclination. Incline my friend. Incline the hell out of it. Some will stand in your way….Karate chop them in the face! Karate chops work. Captain Kirk did not lie to you. This is your starship, this is your Enterprise, this is your voyage. You have to keep pushing my friend. Be the best you can be and craft your literary head droppings. Do it! People will love it, people will enjoy it, and you will feel like the monkey in the piñata….or whatever.

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Suddenly but assuredly!

Today has been an okay day I must say. I haven’t tripped over anything, I Karate chopped some cardboard boxes, I fell in love with three different women who didn’t look me in the eye, this has been a good day! No high fives unfortunately. Days just aren’t complete without those. There’s still time to get that done. I just don’t want to turn desperate. I don’t want to become a crazed man uncontrollably obsessed with the high five. I don’t want to break out into a sweat and start crying in desperation. I don’t want that. That’s how you accidentally high five bears, and that’s not good for anyone…..well except bears. Bears suck…. I mean they don’t literally suck. They usually chew, and crush, and hug. That’s why they have a hug named after them.


Yes that looks very pleasant

Speaking of bears, why do we like them so much? It’s because they’re furry right? Because that thing is a monster! It’s a huge, soft, cuddly beast of death. Why do we make them cute cartoons? Can we stop doing that? I’m anti that. No more that! Stop that!


Eventually the honey wasn’t enough. He ate them all!


Only you can prevent forest fires, and if you don’t I’ll f***ing kill you, if you do I’ll f****ing kill you, because I’m a f***ing bear!

I’m preparing for the war man. I’m preparing. I’m getting ready. You know those animals have something planned. I can’t be the only one that thinks this. I’m not the only one thinking that they’re just bidding their time, have mastered language, and perfected the most deadliest of Kung fu. Animals are better at Kung fu that’s a bold faced fact!

01874-106.07 Polar Bears (Ursus maritimus) sparring, Churchill, M

Everyone knows they perfected the straight jab, and the counter jab bite. They’ll bite your jab!

Can you imagine a clan of bears waiting at your door? How about if they demand in perfect English that you come out with promises of no harm. You know they’re going to harm you that’s what makes it scary. I’m preparing for that. It’s not going to happen to me! They’re going to knock (they’re polite bears) and I’m going to throw grenades at them! With action movie slow motion precision I will leap out the back amongst the backdrop of a giant explosion and the bears will be dead…..and I will have won. Grenades are awesome.


And what’s better than an explosion leap with friends?

What’s my point? Prepare for bears, because they’re bears. Also don’t hug them. Don’t pet cubs they’re the evilest ones…..also invest in grenades. Good bear killing grenades. This is all sane stuff to write.

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One Hunderdeth Blog!

One Hunderdeth isn’t a real word. This is my one hundredth blog! YAAAAY!!! How does this work? Is there confetti? I want confetti! I want cake too, and just a sea of beautiful women! Is that misogynistic? I don’t think it is. It’s fine. This is a monumental thing right? It’s all suppose to make sense now. I’ve somehow managed to make a hundred of these really weird things that I can’t help spewing out of my mind region. Even I think I’m odd and I’m the one living in this thing.


So what has changed since my very first blog? Well, firstly my first blog sucked a lot and was filled with a lot of that silly optimism that people are so into. I don’t know why people are so into that. Neutral indifference is so much more rewarding….in a cry internally everyday way. That’s positive right?…Let’s see, my ability to kill my fellow man with my bare hands have increased! It use to be just dumb luck now I actually know how to do it with ninjaesque precision!…I haven’t killed anyone I just kind of know how to now (no bragging killing is badong), I’m in the best shape I’ve probably ever been in . That’s good right? My muscles are pretty glorious! I mean they’re not huge….not really all that impressive, but they’re there and that’s all really one can ask for. I could easily have concave everything. I don’t have those good bodybuilder genes.


More in the Dj Qualls Gene pool. Like very in shape stick figures.

I’m not as sad either. I was pretty sad then. It was one of those “slap in the face everything gets weird” moments. Since then I’ve become slightly less sad. I’ve hugged eight puppies, high fived a cat in the face by accident, and mastered the art of moving boxes and putting things in things! As you can see things are looking up for me.

What is the future of my blogging career? Who knows, who cares? No one cares. I slightly care. I  think the plan is to keep writing them. Why not? It’s free, three to four people like it ever so often, my brain gets to puke up nonsense then relax awhile, and I can actually focus for a bit and stop thinking about me in Kung fu/Sci fi scenarios! (I always hold my own, but eventually lose to my adversaries cunning….I look good while doing it so it’s okay.) I think those are good enough reasons to keep doing this. My legion might come to fruition so I have to be able to master the English language at a seconds notice, and what better way to improve such a thing than with an obscure blog that no one cares about. There is no better way! So here it is Ladies and Gentlemen, Harlots, and Bastards, post one hundred. I have nothing to say, my mind is drawing a blank, and I have this strong urge for strawberries dipped in Nutella. Isn’t Nutella just fantastic? Why isn’t it on everything? I eat Nutella like pudding. It should be pudding. Pudding and yogurt! No change in how it’s made just label it pudding and yogurt. No one will notice…..So I guess I’m saying this milestone in my blogging career is about as important as Nutella. Delicious delicious Nutella!


Not sponsored by Nutella, but I really want to be! Strawberries too. Can you be sponsored by strawberries?


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The Cool peoples League of People assemble!

It’s about time that I was part of a league. I’ve been contemplating it for awhile… a million years I think…. I’m not good with time, but it’s been awhile, I’ve been thinking about it, and it’s about time it’s happened. I don’t know how to form leagues so me and my friend discussed it. So far it sounds pretty fantastic. Firstly, what does the Cool People’s League of People comprise of? Cool people obviously. That’s a given! Not anything high school stereotypy. Those guys are boring and have stupid clothes. So what is cool then? Do you own a small creature? Do bubbles make you giggle? Have you ever fantasized about being a bigfoot slayer? I think you’ve found the right league!


Not slaying Bigfoot is Anti American. Look it up. Constitution. Fine Print.

We don’t have a logo yet. This just started yesterday cut me some slack! What do I look like? Ronald Hubbard?…..Do I look like Ronald Hubbard? I don’t know what Ronald Hubbard looks like……who is Ronald Hubbard? Probably someone important. Anyway, I think there needs to be  a saying too for this budding amazing thing we’re creating. Like the kind of saying that makes you a green latern. We could have an actual green latern too! Well maybe not a green latern, but definitely a thing that everyone has that shows league allegiance .


My suggestion, sonic screwdrivers. Perhaps even a whimsical disposition!

What could we do as a league? Cool stuff certainly. What is cool stuff? Do we form a bubble blowing brigade, or a Rodent Shinobi dojo, or perhaps engage in downtown capoeira battles? All three? All three at the same time? I think those are pretty cool things. Probably not at the same time though. We definitely need scientists at least to make it possible to train rats to learn Ninjitsu. Unless they already know Ninjitsu, which is possible. Still we need scientists to do the whole “block out the sun” thing. That’s a future big plan thing though when the League really gets it’s feet on the ground. Nothing evil. Nothing to worry about. We just need to block out the sun for a bit. Certainly not forever it’ll be fine!


Well yeah kind of like that. That doesn’t help my not evil argument…This, but with good intentions!

This is not a cult. We are not forming a cult. Me and my colleague do not think we’re Messiahs or the second coming of anything. There’s a good chance that we may be Power Animals though. I’m Aries the Ram, which just happens to be my zodiac sign, but they took that name from my power animal so the name actually belongs to me so everyone out there stop using my name! Unless you join the league. Then it’s fine. We will not tell anyone to wear the same robes, though will make recommendations. My recommendation? Ip Man Dress!


If you want your Kung Fu and stylishness in tact!

So join us! Free Vanilla wafers and super high fives from me.

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The Sociable Reality Network

So I’m pretty sure I’m the most socially awkward human of all time. I should be in books. Scientists should study me! Am I exaggerating? Probably….in fact most definitely. Certainly, however, I am very awkward around people, which I found out is not a good thing. I don’t like it, they don’t like it, no body likes it!


Kratos hates it!

So how do I fix it? What do I do? Do I suck it up and power through? Whatever that means…What does that mean? Suck what up? Power through what? Sayings are confusing. That’s not my point though. My point is I kind of suck and I need to unsuckify myself. If that’s possible. What do you do? If you haven’t noticed I’m a question man. I need an answer man or woman. Someone probably with glasses that block out UV rays and has an electric guitar with them all the time. It doesn’t matter if there’s electricity around or not, he/she gives amazing advice and immediately plays a loud satisfying tasty lick (its Rock lingo I’m kind of down like that.) So basically I need someone to turn my life into a Mountain Dew commercial.


This is like the opposite of a mountain dew commercial…this is my life!…I get elbowed in the nipple a lot.

By the way Mountain Dew sucks. Also that’s a horrible name for a drink. If I heard the words Mountain Dew outside of the world of weird yellow juice I would assume it was mildew that came out of Mountains. Not exactly licking my parched lips to that. Maybe that’s the problem. Maybe Mountain Dew would make me cooler but my prejudice for it is so high that I don’t see the answer sitting right in front of me! Could that be it? What if I purchase a Mountain Dew and am immediately approach by  a beautiful woman and a clan of cool kids? Should I chalk that up to coincidence  or replace my whole diet with Mountain Dew? I mean I’ll die at 35 but a lot of people will come to the thing…the dead people thing.


Dead Fun time?

This stuff isn’t easy. Getting to know people isn’t easy. I’m way too comfortable in awkward silence. Someone will ask me a question, I won’t know how to answer, I’ll give an ambiguous yes or no that doesn’t continue the conversation, and now we’re just standing there. I’m way too okay with that! That’s not how you create unbreakable bonds! Those aren’t forged chains of friendship it’s flossy association…..I’m connected by floss!


Not to knock floss. It makes your teeth happy when it wipes it’s butt with it! ….Or something.

So what do I do dammit?! Where’s my life coach? Don’t you get those for free? I need a life coach. Preferably an old Brazilian woman or a soccer mom….just cause. No real reason I just feel like they get me. Don’t ask why. I’m not sure.


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The Moon is Red!


The moon is red! The moon is actually red. That’s insane man. It doesn’t help that I’m damn near sleep deprived, hyped up on liquid stimulants, and may in fact be starving at that moment. That certainly isn’t helping me….but holy shit the moon is red! I feel like evil stuff is suppose to happen now. Isn’t a red moon a sign that Ares the God of War is about to release hordes upon hordes of I’m guessing Bat non Batman like creatures upon to earth to eat, massage, and in all ways have their way with our flesh? Isn’t that a thing? I could’ve swore I read that somewhere. I probably saw it on Hercules. I get most of my history and mythos from Hercules.


It’s how I learned where basketball came from!

I know why the moons red. Colorado has been on fire for awhile now which is some scary stuff. Homes lost, people suffering, just an overall sadness is looming which is terrible of course. It’s a crazy thing fire. The elements in general, but just something about fire. What is this thing? This weird, creepy, not entirely tangible thing that destroys all it touches? I can’t contemplate fire in any real discernible way. I need to learn more science I guess. Learning science is good for you. I have a feeling though that even if I got an in detailed explanation of what fire was I still wouldn’t understand it. It feels like an entity sent to the Earth to toy with life. Specifically us Humans. That may be a tad conceited. I understand that, but fire is a seductress. It tempts us with its luminescence, cooks and improves the tastes of our foods, keeps us warm on the most barren chilled filled nights, yet if unattended, if ignored, if taken for granted for even a second it will destroy everything! That’s a tad insane.


I guess I’m saying Flame Princess is real!

So fire is a bit like a crazy person. It will nurture and destroy. I know it’s nature, but I just wouldn’t be surprised if fire was sentient. If fire spoke to me one day I wouldn’t assume I was crazy. It would just make sense, which of course probably means I am crazy. Life can’t exist without fire. Hell the Sun is fire! Giant incomprehensibly large explosions of fire created all that’s around and in us! Fire just seems to know what it’s doing. I feel like I should be able to ask it a question…….. if fire is the forger of and the taker of life, what is that? It’s a weird contrast. I’m not thinking all that clearly. I’m very tired, but I can’t stop thinking about this. What a weird thing it all is.

The Moon’s orange now, it was red, and forest fires suck……The Sun’s cool though.

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